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2013 Primal Agenda Demo

by Primitive Brutality

Raiding Mongol hordes Barbarians all Khan's Descendants Horsemen of the steppe Failed negotiations, lead to the decision An extermination, of those unwilling to bow An epic two week slaughter, half a million dead The House of Wisdom decimated, ancient writings lost forever Rivers ran black with ink, Our history washed away Now an amnesic species, by it’s own hand Our past lies in ashes Scattered about the rot Unknown losses Lost for all time
Stand, Pray, Believe, in a holy one Kneel, Pray, Worship, in everlasting bliss Lost, Sheep, Led, by the corrupt Lies, Suppress, Science, truths Centuries lost Hindering all mankind All by your own hand Drones Stand, Pray, Your lies no more Kneel, Pray, You ...will not control Abused, betrayed, Your ...flock is lost Found, Hope, We take our lives in our own hands Disgraced and powerless Brought on upon themselves Darkened ages behind us Now I will watch them burn
Poison Skies 02:31
Conquerors from, the deepest space Hurling asteroids, toward our world Living missile, infectious load A viral rain, pours on the earth Black clouded skies Thicken with death Billions dissolve Human excision Planetary, biowarfare Executed, with precision Humanity doomed Nowhere to hide Poison skies Humanity is brought to the brink Last survivors, immune to the disease Hunted like rodents, the last are vaporized No traces remain, as if we never were Harvesting, Terra-forming, Begins
Unnatural pairing Irrational infatuation Inebriated primate Animal sex slave Now, you realize You've made a mistake Fingers are eaten Facial flesh peeled Eyeballs removed Nose chewed Jaw dismantled Genitals consumed Primate rage Beaten Primate rage Deserved Fool Human Food
Oldest organism Works through my system Open my brain stream Consciousness expansion Neural connections Repair all of my hate Face all of my fears Bring me to the other side I think in sound now The wall, is breathing Always there, it knows You can’t help me I can’t help me I can stream the thoughts of the ancients and reach new levels of understanding I can hear them screaming at me, like the demons I feed in my head They've grown too big Going to put them back into the box of the dead Bury them down deep, sever the thread Now that I have dealt with all that mess in my head It’s time to rule the earth and live before I am dead I’m losing my mind Holy fucking shit I see that life is the dream Anyone that partakes knows what I mean Saturated in knowledge supreme I am new, connected and clean
Abduction 01:57
Cannabinoid 02:20


The Primitive Brutality "Primal Agenda" demo from December 2013 was a 5 song CDR demo that was limited to 50 copies and hand numbered. It is now available in digital format super cheap for your listening pleasure ;) This disc showcases the current style of music that PB is pumping out and these songs will be on the upcoming full length also called "Primal Agenda" (at least for now it's called that). There's also a bunch of bonus tracks that are from the as then unreleased "Time Displacement" (since re-recorded and is now released in limited to 500 hand numbered digipak format and available here on band camp digitally as well). 15 tracks in total including 3 hidden bonus tracks you'll enjoy (2 "theme" covers and a parody song).


released December 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Primitive Brutality Las Vegas, Nevada

Primitive Brutality is the primary project of Roger Beaujard besides Mortician. The project dates back to 1989 and was what Roger was doing before Mortician and his other projects. Technical Brutal Grinding Death Metal from Las Vegas, NV USA by Roger Beaujard from Mortician, X-Malignancy, Bits of Gore,, ... more

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